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THIS ABUNDANTLY TALENTED GROUP invites their audience to join them on a cultural and geographical expedition…
The story of The Trouble Notes starts in Manhattan at a Wall Street investment fund and leads to the metropolis Berlin marking the beginning of a new chapter. This chapter stands in the name of travel and lets the group understand that music is a universal language. To reduce cultural barriers, The Trouble Notes have made it their mission to create their own cultural universe, mixing influences from all over the world into their songs. The emotional, pan-cultural music of the group, forms personal memories into a colorful melting pot of different traditions, touching on deep and complex stories of the human condition and social experiences, without the use of any words.

Their music does not need words to convey stories or foster connections. The group’s name is irreverently playful, just like their music can be. It conjures the concept of learned musicianship – when thought as a twist on “treble notes” - and it conjures their virtuosity, as in they are playing the “trouble notes.” But most appropriately the handle evokes daring creativity, music that stirs up something within the listener. 

Through their art of storytelling, the group invites their audience to join them on a cultural and geographical expedition. The development of the travelling musician is not only audible, but omnipresent. Everyone that joins the universe of The Trouble Notes remains a part of it, and often morph from a normal concertgoer into a true Troublemaker- sharing in the journey of the group.

The first 4-Track EP Grand Masquerade was released on February 24th, 2017 and funded by the Initiative Musik Berlin. Feedback: “The EP is a parcel of the band’s current musical spectrum. Therefore, the title track Grand Masquerade isn’t unknown, inviting you to dance or imagine an Irish tap dance.“ – Musikblog

The popularity of the first EP and the great response of the audience and various online platforms in Germany, UK and France, result from the group’s ability to share their energy with their audience and fascinate them by breaking with musical traditions. Perhaps it is also their natural openness, that is extremely charming and magical.
“Professional groups like The Trouble Notes let the reactions of their audience flow directly into their music”
— GEO Magazine, Germany

“Virtuoso and above all passionate, The Trouble Notes transmit a story, emotions through their notes and melodies.”
— Mes Rendezvous

Each song carries the spirit of the place it was written in and that is what makes 
it unique...
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