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Can a concert combine thirty of the greatest songs ever written, from The Beatles to Broadway, The Police to Puccini? 
Can a show fuse rock and roll anthems, Broadway classics, opera favorites, country rhythms and classical melodies?
Rob Evan, five-time Broadway star and lead singer for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, is the leads the cast of Rock America. Rob moves seamlessly through musical styles from Rock to Broadway, Pop to Classical, and County to Opera like no one else can. Joining Rob for the show is an impressive list of singers who can deliver Puccini, Journey, John Mayer, Andrew Lloyd Weber, The Rolling Stones and everyone in between with an authenticity and vocal athleticism that will leave your audience breathless.

Rock America is a new concert experience that brings together classical and Broadway music with some of the greatest rock and roll ever written. For even the most casual fan of Broadway, classical and rock and roll, Rock America is nothing you expect from a traditional touring concert and everything you never knew you wanted, performed with unequaled intensity by five soaring, extraordinary voices. 
Rock America: Flash, pomp and maximum music!
—Howard Shapiro, Philadelphia Inquirer